If you are a child care provider or grade school, keep the Cinema Grill in mind for your next field trip! We are the premier destination for summer camps, day cares, schools, and youth groups!

We have special rates and packages to meet your needs!  

We offer the following packages: 

Unlimited Package includes:

  • Admission to the movie
  • Unlimited Cheese Pizza
  • 2 choices of pop (unlimited)

$13.00 per person (+tax)

Classic Package Includes:

  • Admission to the movie
  • 2 slices of Cheese Pizza
  • 2 choices of pop (unlimited)

$11.00 per person (+tax)

How much does it cost?

Our Ultimate Package is only $13.00 (+tax) per person, while our Classic Package is only $11.00 (+tax) per person.  These packages are designed and priced for groups with children 13 and under.  Please contact us for information on older groups.

Please be aware that because Cinema Grill serves prepared food, soft drinks and candy, most school groups do not qualify for tax exemption.  Details can be found on the Minnesota Revenue Website.

Please Note: Payment is due on the day of your event

Tips for a successful event!

Please note: No outside food or beverages are allowed.  If staff would prefer to order off the menu, or if anyone has food allergies, please let us know when making the reservation.

Here are some tips for before, during and after the movie to help our staff ensure you have a great time:

  • Please choose one person from your group to communicate with your server, this helps ensure speedy and efficient service.

  • We have found that the easiest way to distribute pop is for the staff to hand out all the cups first. Then have staff member walk around with a pitcher of each flavor and ask the children which they prefer.

  • If doing the unlimited pizza package, one person should also pass out all plates ahead of time and walk around with the pizza pans, everyone should get 2 slices to start.

  • Each theater will have garbage cans and bus tubs, any help with clean up is always appreciated. If possible, please put chairs back in their original location. A timely, orderly exit will help staff get the theater ready for the next showtime.

  • Please be aware of other theater-goers both inside and outside the auditorium. Use of ‘inside voices’ at all times is very much appreciated.